Top Woven Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns with No Collars

Jumpsuits and rompers are very popular these days. I’ve never worn them growing up, always wondering about the practicality of it. However, when I started sewing, it was one of the garments I wanted to try making myself.

I’ve always used the terms “jumpsuit” and “romper” interchangeably, but apparently there is a difference. Jumpsuits are one-piece garments with pants, while rompers are one-piece garments with shorts. I’m currently on the hunt for a new jumpsuit pattern to try, so I thought I’d share some of those I looked at with a breakdown of all the features it has. This is going to be part of a series covering various jumpsuits – woven with no collar, woven with collar (also called boiler suits), and knits. You can read about my post on jumpsuit patterns with collars here. I’m only covering PDF patterns here, so there won’t be any from the Big 4. I’m also covering paid patterns, as I’m planning to make another list of free jumpsuit patterns soon.

Before we start, let me remind you that everyone’s style is different, so the things I may not like about a pattern may be exactly what you are looking for. I’ve included key details of the pattern like whether the pants are tapered or wide leg, whether it has short sleeves and long sleeves options, what is the smallest and biggest size available, and so on. I also mention if a pattern is very similar to another pattern on this list.

Let’s get to it – here is a list of the woven, no collar jumpsuits that you may want to try out:

Anza Jumpsuit and Dress by Itch to Stitch

Description from the website: Make your Anza a jumpsuit or a dress, or one of each! The Anza takes the guesswork out of a look that’s haute from head to toe with its integrated, cuffed sleeves and front-buttoned V-neck. Adorned with different accessories, you can wear the Anza to the office or to a party—a truly versatile addition to your wardrobe!

Closurebuttons on front bodice
Pocketspatch pockets for the top, slash pockets for bottoms
Pants fittapered with elastic at the end
Sleevesshort sleeves (with cuffs)
Waist Detailelasticated waist, optional drawstring
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest Size00 (bust 3018, waist 2538, hips 3318 )
Biggest Size20 (bust 4914, waist 4012, hips 4814
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What I like: The cuffed sleeves and all the pockets. I also like the fact that you can choose your cup size for a better fit (A to DD).

What I don’t like: The elastic at the end of the pants, but that’s easy enough to leave off.

Note: This is an affiliate link. You can see the first Anza jumpsuit I made here.

Alexa Jumpsuit by Tilly and the Buttons

Description from the website: With modern details and a relaxed fit, you’ll feel as cool as a cucumber in this jumpsuit or playsuit. Alexa has a button-front bodice with curved V-neckline and subtle forward shoulder seam, blousy waist cinched in with an external waist channel and tie, choice of jumpsuit or playsuit lengths, with easy fitting peg-style trousers on the jumpsuit version. Add the optional pleated flap pockets and rolled sleeve tabs for a utility look, or leave them off if you want your fabric to do the talking. Whether you wear it for work, rest or play, you’ll feel proud as punch in your homemade Alexa jumpsuit or playsuit!

Closurebuttons on front bodice
Pocketspatch pockets for the top, seam pockets for the bottoms
Pants fittapered
Sleevesshort sleeves (with rolled sleeve tabs option)
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest SizeUK 6 (bust 30, waist 24, hips 33)
Biggest SizeUK 24 (bust 48, waist 42, hips 51)
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What I like: This looks very similar to the Anza Jumpsuit. I love the rolled sleeves option as well as the shorts version to remove the guesswork.

What I don’t like: The crotch looks a bit lower than I would want it, and the waist channel looks a bit bulkier than Anza’s.

Durban Jumpsuit & Romper by Megan Nielsen

Description from the website: Durban is a mix and match jumpsuit & romper set with multiple options. Pattern features V neck or round neckline, bust darts; short sleeve, long sleeve or sleeveless options; patch or inseam pockets; and tapered or wide leg cuts. All views include an optional belt, belt loops, and inseam lengths for regular and tall.

View A is a v neck tapered leg jumpsuit with inseam pockets, back pockets and sleeves. View B is a v neck wide leg sleeveless jumpsuit with front patch pockets. View C is a round neck shorts jumpsuit with inseam pockets, back pockets and sleeves. View D is a round neck sleeveless shorts jumpsuit with front patch pockets. View E is a boiler suit with long sleeves, patch pockets and a tie belt.

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pocketspatch or inseam pockets
Pants fittapered, wide leg
Sleevessleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves
Waist Detailtie belt
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest Size0 (bust 32, waist 24, hips 34)
Biggest Size34 (bust 60, waist 52, hips 62)
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What I like: I like the option of round neck and V neck, and I’m totally in love with the pink version from the website. It looks so sleek though I’d prefer to wear it with a sash.

What I don’t like: The tapered pants isn’t as tapered as you’d expect, and the shorts are a bit longer than I would want. Both are very easy modifications to do though. Also, the fact that the buttons extend all the way below the waist means it’s a lot easier to put on and off as compared to the Anza and Alexa.

Aviator Jumpsuit by Wardrobe by Me

Description from the website: The Aviator Jumpsuit PDF sewing pattern is a casual, relaxed-fitting belted jumpsuit with long sleeves and a sleeve tab. You can make your Jumpsuit with either a round neckline or a V-neckline. Style the Aviator Jumpsuit with patch pockets or side seam pockets. Make the Aviator jumpsuit sewing pattern with long or short legs, with or without sleeves. Use medium-weight woven fabric for your Aviator Jumpsuit.

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pocketspatch or inseam pockets
Pants fitloose
Sleevessleeveless, 3/4 sleeves
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest Size0 (bust 30.5, waist 22.5, hips 33.5)
Biggest Size24 (bust 50, waist 42, hips 53)
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What I like: Again, I like the option of round neck and V neck. I’m also in love with the green version from the website. Unlike the Durban, the top and bodice are not connected at the waist – it is one whole cut so a lot simpler to make. I also like the fit of the shorts version.

What I don’t like: It would have been nice if there was a more tapered pants fit, but again that’s a simple enough modification to make.

Note: This is an affiliate link.

Rory Jumpsuit by True Bias

Description from the website: The Rory sewing pattern is a jumpsuit with 4 views. All views have angled patch pockets set into princess seams, a V-neckline and a front button closure. Views A and C are sleeveless options while Views B and D have an extended sleeve and sleeve band. Views A and B are short length jumpsuits with an approximate three inch inseam, while Views C and D have a tapered pant that hits just above the ankle. You can choose to add the optional D-ring ties into any of the views to accentuate the waistline.

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pocketspatch pockets
Pants fittapered
Sleevesshort, sleeveless
Waist Detailoptional ties at the side
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest Size0 (bust 32, waist 26, hips 34)
Biggest Size18 (bust 44.5, waist 38.5, hips 46.5)
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What I like: Princess seams are interesting and will make you look taller. The side ties are quite unique.

What I don’t like: I’m not convinced the side ties do enough shaping.

Shelby Dress and Romper by True Bias

Description from the website: The Shelby pattern is a princess-seamed dress or romper with four views. Each has a V-shaped neckline, front button opening, and back waist tie. Views A and B are dresses with a traditional short sleeve. View A is a mini dress hitting mid-thigh, while View B is a longer dress that ends around the ankle. Views C and D are rompers with a cap sleeve. The romper gives the illusion of being a dress with the coverage of a short or pant. View C is a mini length romper hitting mid-thigh, while View D’s hem ends just above the ankle.

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pants fitvery wide and swishy
Sleevesshort sleeves, cap sleeves
Waist Detailback waist tie
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest Size0 (bust 32, waist 26, hips 34)
Biggest Size18 (bust 44.5, waist 38.5, hips 46.5)
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What I like: This looks very much like a dress because of the cut of the pants/shorts. Very unique and comfy looking. I like the back waist tie as well as it makes the front look very clean

What I don’t like: If you want to wear a jumpsuit that actually looks like a jumpsuit, then this is not the one for you.

V-Neck Jumpsuit Pattern by The Assembly Line

Description from the website: Dubbed “secret pyjamas” by our makers, the V-neck jumpsuit has a relaxed fit with a dropped crotch, buttons at the front, and 3/4 length sleeves. It features pockets in side seams and an optional belt.

Closurebuttons on front bodice in a concealed placket
Pocketsinseam pockets
Pants fittapered
Sleeveslong sleeves
Waist detailsash
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeXS (bust 31.5, waist 25.2, hips 35.8)
Biggest SizeXXL (bust 48.4, waist 44.1 hips 52.8)
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What I like: The concealed button placket is unique and makes it look very neat

What I don’t like: Dropped crotch

Springe Jumpsuit by Sew Love Patterns

Description from the website: This beautiful wide-leg jumpsuit features wonderfully deep pockets, a fitted bodice with gathering at the bust and a curved waistband, as well as cap sleeves. It has three versions – full length trousers, cropped trousers, and a very cute playsuit option, making it a versatile pattern for many different occasions. Named ‘Springe’ after the Danish word for jump, because who doesn’t want to jump in a jumpsuit!

Closureinvisible zip at the back
Pocketsslash pockets
Pants fitwide leg
Sleevescap sleeves
Waist detailcurved waistband
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest SizeA (bust 31.5, waist 24, hips 33.5)
Biggest SizeH (bust 45.5, waist 38, hips 47.5)
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What I like: This is such a pretty pretty pattern that I need to try this soon! The fitted bodice… the gathering at the breast… the waistband… I love it.

What I don’t like: Not sure how easy it is to get on and off – I’ll update this when I’ve tried it.

Zadie Jumpsuit by Paper Theory Patterns

Description from the website: The Zadie Jumpsuit is a relaxed and easy to wear one piece that comes with the option of wide 3/4 length sleeves, or sleeveless with a dropped shoulder. It wraps around the body and fastens with a tie so there is no need for buttons or a zip – making it quick and to easy sew, and quick and easy to get on and off.

The legs are cut wide and skim above the ankle. There are deep slant pockets on the front, with small pleats at the waist on the front and back. The neck edge is finished with a bias binding.

Closurewrap tie
Pocketsslant pockets
Pants fitwide leg
Sleeves3/4, sleeveless with dropped shoulder
Waist detailsash to keep it close
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeUK 6 (bust 31.5, waist 24, hips 34)
Biggest SizeUK 28 (bust 55, waist 47.5, hips 57.5)
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What I like: Looks very easy to put on and off, and seems to be flattering for most body types. This has a cult following among the sewing community and is a pattern that I would love to try at one point.

What I don’t like: To be honest, I can’t think of any.

Jazz e-book by Ready to Sew

Description from the website: Discover the whopping 80 variations of the Jazz e-book.

Closuredepending on the variation (e.g. buttons on front, wrap tie etc)
Pocketsslash pockets
Pants fitflare, straight – both quite wide
Sleevessleeveless, short sleeves, bishop sleeve
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest Size32 (bust 295964, waist 225364, hips 32932)
Biggest Size52 (bust 482764, waist 411132, hips 502532)
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What I like: I was floored with the sheer amount of variations you can do with this e-book. There are even options for the bodice – a loose fitting dartless bodice with a V neckline and a close fitting bodice with darts and U neckline. I’m planning on trying this soon.

What I don’t like: I think this has an option for anything you might want. I can’t think of anything I don’t like…

Acacia Jumpsuit or Trousers by Orageuse

Description from the website: This jumpsuit is made of a bib with slanted pleats from shoulder to waist at the front and back. It has a crew neck, no sleeves, and distinctive straight, horizontal armholes. An inverted pleat structures the center back and the upper part of the jumpsuit is sewn with a wide and high waistband. The trousers have wide legs, three darts at the front, one at the back and side pockets. The jumpsuit is closed by an invisible zipper at the left side and snap fasteners at the left shoulder. If you sew the trousers only, you can finish either the waistband or the side seams of the trousers with piping (optional). The trousers version is closed by two buttons.

Closureinvisible zip on the side and snap fasteners on the shoulder
Pocketsinseam pockets
Pants fitwide
Waist Detailwide waistband
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeS34 (bust 31.5, waist 24.4, hips 33.9)
Biggest SizeS46 (bust 40.9, waist 33.9, hips 43.3)
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What I like: This is a very structured, very elegant jumpsuit. This is the only jumpsuit I found so far which had a trousers option – most usually have a dress option.

What I don’t like: Sizing is quite limited – it only goes up to 33.9″ waist.

And there you go – let me know if your favorite woven, no collar jumpsuit pattern is not on this list.

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