Scout Shorts and Pants by Twig and Tale

Living in a tropical country like Singapore, we can never have enough shorts. I’ve made shorts for both kids from various patterns, so I was curious how this would match up against the others I’ve tried. Here are some of my observations:

1. Hands down I feel like this is the easiest pocket style. Since the kids MUST have pockets to put random stuff in, whichever is easiest is a win for me.

2. The pocket style would look great with contrast fabric or embroidery. I saw one of the other T+T sewists put some embroidery on the pockets which encouraged me to start learning embroidery too. I just need to order my supplies for my next pair of Scout shorts.

3. The roomy fit is perfect for running, doing cartwheels and climbing, but it doesn’t look baggy. Not sure how to explain it but I’ve tried woven shorts patterns that looked great but were not so comfy for the kids when they run, and some that was comfy but looked too big.

4. There are 4 different lengths to choose from – shorts (which my girl is wearing), above knee (which is what my boy is wearing), below knee and pants. For some of the pants and pajamas I’ve made, I lengthened shorts patterns I have. For some of the shorts I’ve made, I shortened pants patterns. There’s always an element of guesswork, which is thankfully removed since this pattern has all the options I want.

5. The professional-looking waistband – I forgot I learned this technique when I did the Meadow skirt (another T+T pattern), and although it seemed counter-intuitive to sew the waistband to the wrong side, it looked so much better. I was originally tempted to skip topstitching the top of the waistband, but it really made a difference in the function (avoid twisting) and appearance (look store-bought).

It was raining the whole afternoon when I was meant to take photos, and I wasn’t able to take as many as I normally would, but here are some of photos of the Scout in action.

Pattern is available here:

Fabric is lightweight denim from Brighton Accessories House.

I wish I brought a different umbrella 🙂

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