Top Woven Jumpsuit Sewing Patterns with Collars

In my previous post, I’ve made a list of PDF sewing patterns for woven jumpsuits with NO collars. I didn’t originally plan on making two separate posts for jumpsuits with and without collars, but in the process of looking for patterns that I could use to recreate a particular jumpsuit, there were so many that I found that the list would have been too long if I did just one post.

For this post, I am going to cover paid PDF patterns for woven jumpsuits with collars (also known as boiler suits). Before we start, let me remind you again that everyone’s style is different, so the things I may not like about a pattern may be exactly what you are looking for. I’ve included key details of the pattern like whether the pants are tapered or wide leg, whether it has short sleeves and long sleeves options, what is the smallest and biggest size available, and so on. I also mention if a pattern is very similar to another pattern on this list.

Let’s get to it – here is a list of the woven jumpsuits with collar that you may want to try out:

Farrah Jumpsuit by Sew Over It

Description from the website: Farrah features a button-up front, collar and collar stand, patch pockets with pocket flaps, drop-shoulder sleeves, tapered legs and an elasticated waist. Designed to be loose-fitting in the bodice for a modern, oversized feel, it’s cinched in at the waist with a closer fit on the hips.

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pocketspatch pockets with pocket flaps for top and bottom
Pants Fittapered
Sleeves3/4 sleeves
Waist Detailelasticated waist
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeUK 6 (bust 31, waist 24, hips 34)
Biggest SizeUK 20 (bust 45, waist 38, hips 48)
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What I like: I like the collar and the patch pockets for the top. I also like how the pants fit – it looks very sleek yet comfy.

What I don’t like: I’m not a fan of patch pockets for the bottoms, as well as the thick elasticated waist.

Intrepid Boiler Suit by Alice and Co

Description from the website: The Intrepid Boiler Suit is a top-to-toe cover-up that can be made as practical or glamorous as your heart desires! The design features a shoulder yoke, classic shirt collar and slightly tapered leg. The suit fastens with a zip down the centre-front, whilst the waistband casing allows you to cinch in the waist with a belt or elastic. You can certainly do more than fix the boiler in this suit … and we guarantee once you have this on you won’t want to wear anything else! Loose-fitting but not baggy. There is a seam around the waist to allow for adjustments to the length of the body – vital for ensuring you can sit down comfortably!

Closurezip in the front (with a hack to change for buttons)
Pocketspatch pockets at the back
Pants fittapered
Belt / Sash / Drawstringoptional elasticated waist, belt
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeUK 6 (bust 30, waist 24, hips 34)
Biggest SizeUK 20 (bust 49, waist 44, hips 53)
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What I like: I like the collar and the yoke – something you don’t see often in jumpsuit patterns

What I don’t like: The photos on their website with the cartoon person. I know it’s their thing, but personally I get a better sense of how this pattern looks by looking through Instagram where actual people are wearing it.

Bobbinhood Suit by Bobbinhood

Description from the website: A classic workwear style because everybody needs a uniform: to create in, to feel powerful in, to play in, to wipe your ink stained hands off on or to go out in. This suit is perfect for all of this. Make it in a fine silk to wear with your most precious high heels, make a sturdy one in denim to go with your sneakers or make one with your own printed fabric anything goes. This suit is surprisingly easy to make. A style we feel is timeless and always in fashion, because trends are not for us. We make things to last, things we will cherish forever.

Closurebuttons in the front bodice (with concealed placket option)
Pocketspatch pockets
Pants Fittapered
Sleeveslong, short
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedyes
Smallest SizeXS (bust 31 12, waist 25 15, hips 34 23)
Biggest Size5XL (bust 50 25, waist 44, hips 53 12)
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What I like: I like the concealed placket option – this is the pattern I’ll use for the JLo romper I wanted to recreate

What I don’t like: I prefer slanted pockets for pants personally

Blanca Flight Suit by Closet Core

Description from the website: The Blanca Flight Suit is a semi-fitted, highly customizable boiler suit pattern inspired by vintage workwear. With multiple sleeve and leg options, it can be made in a variety of fabrics and can easily be styled up or down. Blanca features a center front zipper, patch pockets that double as belt loops, an optional tie belt or buckled belt, a traditional shirt collar and a unique pleated back design. Customize your flight suit by adding a long sleeve, tapered sleeve with a snap button, or short sleeve. The leg is cut straight, with the option to crop it or taper at the hem with a leg tab. In addition, choose between a classic breast patch pocket or zippered pocket for added detail.

Closurezip at the front
Pocketspatch pockets that double as loops
Pants Fittapered, wide leg
Sleeveslong sleeves, short sleeves
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest Size0 (bust 31, waist 24, hips 33)
Biggest Size32 (bust 60, waist 53, hips 63)
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What I like: I like the multiple leg options – you can use twill and taper the leg, or linen and use the wider leg, and they would look very different

What I don’t like: Like I mentioned, I prefer slanted pockets for pants personally

Jean-Paul Coverall by Ready to Sew

Description from the website: Jean-paul is a workwear boilersuit. It has a relaxed straight fit with a drop crotch, low waist and bust darts. It features front and back horizontal tucks, long or short droped sleeves and an optional martingale for extra shaping at the back.

Pocketspatch pockets on the top, bottoms (slanted front and back)
Pants fittapered
Sleeveslong sleeves, short sleeves
Waist Detailoptional martingale (had to Google that!)
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest Size32 (bust 295964, waist 225364, hips 32932)
Biggest Size52 (bust 482764, waist 411132, hips 502532)
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What I like: The horizontal tuck is an interesting feature

What I don’t like: The dropped waist, I also don’t know if the martingale is enough to give it a shape

Carmella Jumpsuit by Fibre Mood

Description from the website: Oversize jumpsuit with long sleeves, button fastenings down the front and side pockets along the side seam. By using a belt you can create a waist, just like that!

Closurebuttons on front bodice extended to the bottoms
Pocketspatch pockets for top and sideseam pockets for bottoms
Pants Fittapered but loose
Sleeveslong sleeves
Waist Detailsash
Shorts Option Includedno
Smallest SizeEU 32, US 0, UK 4
Biggest SizeEU 54, US 22, UK 26
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What I like: This looks like a roomy, comfortable jumpsuit

What I don’t like: I can’t seem to find the size chart on the website so I can’t include the bust, waist and hips measurements

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