My 2019 sewing challenge: mid-year update

To recap, the challenge I set for myself is:

1. To reduce my stash by at least half.

2. To use up all of the patterns I’ve bought in 2018.

3. To make at last 100 projects this year.

You can read about it here. It’s middle of the year, so let’s see where I’m at – shall we?

Fabric stash – I started in January with 3 drawers full and I wanted to halve it by December. It’s June and I still have 3 drawers full plus 2 huge bags lying around with more fabric. So… not good on this front.

Patterns stash – I started in January with 30 patterns and only 10 sewn up – which is 33% completion rate. It’s June and I have 81 now and only 27 sewn up – which is still 33% completion. Not so good on this front either.

Projects – I’ve done 45 so far (and I’ve counted 16 unicorn pillows as just one) so I’m not too worried about this. I’m pretty sure I can meet 100 projects by December.


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