A gray day Sunday

I bought Sid and Sam’s matching polo about a year ago before I learned how to sew. And while looking at someone selling fabric online, I saw exactly the same fabric as the polo. I bought 2 or 3 yards and it’s been sitting in my stash for months until I realized I have to sew it soon before Sam outgrows his polo.

This is what I came out with – a simple button-down half-circle skirt for me and a halter mini-dress for Lia.


This was supposed to be a skirt but when Lia saw the ruffles at the bottom, she asked me to make it into a dress instead. I didn’t have enough fabric so I made two thick straps from what’s left of the fabric. However, when she tried it on the morning while we were rushing for church, she said it was too tight. I had no more fabric to extend the straps and no time to do anything else but hand-sew some ribbon to make a halter top. She loved it a bit too much as you can see from the pictures.

And here I am with my button-down skirt. The best feature of the skirt was the pockets! I should put pockets in everything I make. And I love the wooden buttons too.

Fabric: Bunny Trail from Into the Woods collection by Michael Miller

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