A gift for a breast cancer survivor

One of the best things about learning to sew is being able to make gifts for my friends. I have a really good friend M, a young, athletic, successful career woman who was hit out of the blue by a breast cancer diagnosis.

When she got the biopsy results, I kept asking God why her. She is fit. She eats healthy. She takes way better care of herself than I do. And she’s younger than me.

It has not been an easy journey for her, and I was so inspired by the grace and faith she’s shown through this difficult time of her life.


She’s really rich by the way, so I never know what to get for her. I thought a simple tote bag with magnetic clasp and zippered pouch using this lovely fabric would be just the thing.

The fabric – which took me sometime to source in Singapore – has inspirational messages such as “love is all you need,” “believe in miracles” and “have faith” interspersed with pink ribbons – the worldwide symbol for breast cancer awareness.

M works in Hong Kong now and I didn’t finish these in time for her visit to Singapore, so I asked a HK-based colleague who was in the Singapore office if she could give it to her when she goes back to HK. I’m so glad she liked it.


Fabric: Pink Ribbon Chalkboard by Timeless Treasures

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