Avelia Bomber Jacket by Mood Fabrics

We went to a denim-themed event today, and I decided to make matching denim bomber jackets for my husband and me. To be honest, I was planning to make a denim jumper dress for me and a proper denim jacket for my husband, but when I saw these cute ribbing at Sing Mui Heng, my plans changed. These were on sale too!

I got a bunch of denim (some with stretch, some without) at Brighton Accessories House for only SGD4 per yard! It was easy to work with and didn’t run when I put them on the washing machine. I’m already planning to sew more clothes for the family with these.

This is the Avelia bomber jacket (free pattern from Mood Fabrics) which I’ve made 3x before. For my husband, I added several inches to the length as this is a woman’s pattern. However, this time we wanted a cropped jacket so I followed the actual length. It is too short for him as you can see. 😂

I also shortened mine by about 3 inches to get the cropped look.

Changes I made to the pattern:

1. No lining – it’s hot in Singapore so we don’t really need warm jackets.

2. Included single welt pockets – this actually took me one night to figure out. The pattern does not have welt pockets so I watched several videos but still couln’t figure it out until I found the tutorial by Made by Aya.

3. Included zipper tabs and facing – to make the zipper look neater.

4. Reduced width of collar – the pattern has quite a bulky collar so I reduced it by about 2 inches for me and 1 inch for my husband.

Over all, the pattern is a very good base, and I will likely make some more again.

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