Kids Flare and Straight Pants Pattern (Ellie and Mac)

Finally I was able to test a new pattern again after more than half a year! This is Ellie and Mac’s Kids Flare and Straight Pants Pattern.

I originally planned on making it just for my boy since he’s in a phase where he only wants to wear pants (not shorts). He thinks pants make him look handsome.

However, the flare version is so cute (and gives me such 90s flashbacks) that I made one for my girl too.

I used double knit for my first try, but it looked a bit like leggings. So for my finals, I used this cotton stretch that I had for the longest time in my stash. I love how it looks and will make more in stretch denim next.

I was feeling a little extra and made matching shirts and shorts for their teddy bears too.

My favorite part about testing patterns is that gives me an excuse to do a photoshoot with the kids – something they genuinely enjoy.

My favorite thing about Ellie and Mac patterns is that they always fit great. I did grade both pants because these two have small waists.

It’s a blessing to have kids who enjoy having and modeling mommy-made clothes.

Note: I included my affiliate link above if you’d like to get this pattern. You can get it for USD3 during the Black Friday sale.

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