Boy’s Breeze shirt for Sam

This is the third time I did a Breeze shirt (pattern by Twig and Tale) – the first was for Sam using a slippery polyester which was not easy at all, and the second was for Sid in linen which was even more challenging. I thought the third time would be the charm since I chose cotton this time.

True enough, it wasn’t too difficult to get it to lay flat. The only challenge I had was the hem split which somehow took me three attempts before I was satisfied (and it’s still not perfect). After trying it on Sam, I had to unpick certain portions because it barely went over his head. I’m not sure what happened but I must have cut the front slit wrong somehow.

At first I couldn’t decide what button to use – whether to go with white or cream or something with a bit more contrast like this muted coral buttons.

I was tempted at first to do short sleeves so that I wouldn’t need to bother with the sleeve tabs, which adds at least an hour for me. In the end I decided to go with it since small details like these gives my projects a nice touch. Same goes for the hem splits which I was initially planning not to do – but then again how would I perfect the skills if I don’t practice them again and again?

Sam wasn’t in the best mood when I asked him to try it on because he was starting to feel sleepy. That’s why we managed to get only two or three decent photos of him before I had to take it off (because he pooped as well).

I’ve done this shirt three times already and it’s a fairly straightforward pattern, with each step clearly explained and illustrated.

Pattern: Breeze shirt by Twig and Tale

Fabric: Harriot, Screen Single Border in Aqua by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman

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