My floral diaper bag

Since learning how to sew, one of the things I’ve wanted to make was my own diaper bag. That’s because it’s difficult to find a diaper bag that has the pockets and compartments that I want, but is not too heavy or too expensive.

I bought this Cath Kidston canvas fabric a year ago, but never touched it. I wanted to work on my zipper and bag-making skills on tote bags and pouches first. A week or so before our trip to the Philippines, I started on this project so we could use this during our holiday.

I didn’t use a pattern, instead I watched a bunch of YouTube tutorials on how to make a backpack, side pockets, inside pockets, etc. Then I combined the features I liked into one pretty floral diaper bag.

The lining of the bag inside is a cool green gingham, and I bought gray and pink gingham to make pouches too. The gray pouch has 2 diapers and a change of clothes for Sam, while the pink pouch has a change of clothes for Lia. Inside the bag are slots to put these pouches in so that everything is organized.

I put the wipes in the front pocket. I was initially planning to put a hole for the wipe cover so that you don’t need to pull out the pack when you need some wipes, but decided against it in the end as it may ruin the look. I also put water bottle pockets (with elastics) on the side.

I’m quite pleased with how this turned out and will probably make another one at some point. I wish I made a pattern for this so that I could just refer to it instead of winging it and having to adjust so many times.

What I would change next time:

  1. I won’t use nylon webbing as it was too slippery and would sometimes slide off the metal ring adjuster.
  2. I would reinforce stitching on the part where the handle joins the back of the bag some more.
  3. I would use a two-way zipper.
  4. I would use a different construction method for the front pocket. The flap for this one is separate from the pocket itself.

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