Rainbow-themed outfits for a rainbow-themed party

Last May 2018, we had a party at IRMVille Community Church in Bulacan, Philippines. From the start, we told Lia that this party was not really for her, but for her to bless kids who were less fortunate. Out of the three parties we threw last year, this was the one that made me heart-happy.

Anyway, we decided on a rainbow-themed party so I went hunting for colourful fabric to make matching clothes. I settled for Multi Paws on White by Joann fabric. Not sure if it’s 100% cotton as I found it a bit stiff.

For Lia, I made the Party Dress by The Cottage Mama. I love this pattern. It was one of the first dresses I made, and the video tutorials on YouTube were really helpful for a sewing newbie. I just modified it by reducing the sash width as I feel the sash on the pattern is a bit too wide and overwhelms the front bodice, I put orange piping around the armhole, at the sash and the hem. I also put lace at the bottom instead of the band, and also installed a rainbow zipper instead of buttons.




For Sam, I used McCall’s M6304 to make a romper. This was my first foray into paper patterns (I only used PDF patterns before) and it was an interesting experience. I was looking for a woven pattern for boys that is not a button-down shirt, and saw this at Spotlight on sale, so I went for it. It looked cute on the picture but the problem was that it was very, very warm on the day of the party so Sam wore it without a shirt inside. Big mistake. It looked a bit like a dress even paired with red sneakers.


This is what it looked like on Sam with a shirt inside.


This was what it looked like without:


I didn’t have time to make anything for Sid and I – and I also don’t have enough fabric left – so I made pockets with orange lining for Sid and purple lining for me.

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