Très Belle Dress by Ellie and Mac

“Très belle” means very beautiful, and it’s a very apt name for the pattern. I love the faux wrap style on top and the different options for the skirt (gathered, half circle, circle in different lengths).

This was actually my first completed sew for 2020! I was half finished with this in December last year, and planned to use it as one of my holiday outfits. But life got in the way and I couldn’t finish it on time because things get busy at Christmas. My family came to Singapore from the Philippines, then we had to move to a new place in January, then my daughter started primary school – so no time to sew at all.

Finally, I was able to sew last Saturday night, and I finished this dress for my Chinese New Year lunch with clients yesterday.

When this fabric first came out, it already caught my eye. But I stopped myself from buying this and adding to my growing stash because it wasn’t cheap. So when I saw someone destashing 1.4 yards at such a good price (40% discount) – I just had to get it.

This is the second time I made this pattern. The only adjustment I did was to add black cuffs to the sleeves. But when I get home, I think I want to shorten the dress about 2 inches, so it hits just below my knee. I forgot to adjust for height when I made this, so this ended up a bit long. I will also tack the neckbands together to avoid showing too much cleavage. Or should I size down instead? We’ll see.

Is there such a thing as too much red?

Pattern: Tres Belle Dress by Ellie and Mac (affiliate link – won’t cost extra but will make me happy)
Fabric: Silkroad Magnolia Study in Cotton Knit by Art Gallery Fabrics

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