Santa Costumes… for Badminton?!?

Sidney is a part of a Filipino badminton group which did a Christmas badminton tournament last year – in costume! This year he asked me to join, even though I’m no good at badminton. So of course I decided to make our costumes and we went all out.

I only used two fabrics – red ITY (90% polyester 10% spandex) and white fluffy fleece from Spotlight Singapore. I wanted to use athletic dry fit fabric but I couldn’t source it on time.

All the patterns are by Ellie and Mac (affiliate links included below) with slight modifications. Great thing is that I already owned all of these patterns which I got for one dollar each during the Wacky Wednesday sales.

Santa’s jacketChapman Cardigan

I doubled the width of the neckband to make it look more Santa-ish, but I forgot to add the corresponding width to the waistband. Thank goodness the fleece was stretchy enough! I’m going to make another one this week as Sid wants to wear a red cardigan for Christmas.

Santa’s shortsBe Active Shorts

I changed the bottom panel to make it straight. Sidney really liked this shorts and asked me to make some more.

Mrs. Claus’ dressDashing Dress

I adjusted the length so that I could include a white band at the bottom. I intentionally made this one size bigger to give me more room to move. I will definitely make more for work as I love collars.

I made matching black belts with thick elastic and matching bronze buckles to top off the look.

As always, I find Ellie and Mac patterns very easy to follow, and the fit is spot on.

Here are some pictures of the outfits in action. Mobility-wise, ITY is great. It’s stretchy enough to wear for such a game as badminton and doesn’t absorb sweat. However – it’s also very warm so we could wear it just for one game and had to change to regular sports clothes after. Hahahahahaha.

Warming up

My action pictures are nowhere as energetic as Sidney’s because, like I said, I’m not really good at badminton and I play mostly because it’s fun and to spend time with him. Surprisingly, my doubles partner and I won the women’s championship – but it was only because she is SO GOOD.

All in all, it was a lot of fun but I’m sooooo exhausted after seven games. Perhaps I should play more to build up endurance. But then again – I’d rather spend the time sewing than playing badminton.😬

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