DIY Filipiniana Costume for Racial Harmony Day 2019 (Part 2)

I had issues with WordPress so I split this post into two. Please read the first part here.

Now for the faux wrap skirt. This is basically a quarter circle skirt. When I first started sewing, I would calculate the radius myself but I found the easiest way to do it is to use this link.

I just mark out whatever measurement it says into the fabric directly, measuring from one corner outwards, creating a semi-circle for the waist.

After cutting, I had this.

I wanted the skirt to be long but I didn’t have enough length in one side (since this is remnant fabric). I just made do with what I had so the front part slopes upward slightly.

I serged the edges then sewed just the middle part together. I left a few inches open at the waist to make it easy to put on and off, and several inches from the hem to give it a slit.

I then made a simple tie so she can tie the waist closed. Making the tie is not my favorite part because it involves folding over a strip of fabric, sewing the sides shut, then turning it out. I hate this part – good thing my husband is willing to do this for me. I ironed it after to make it look smooth but didn’t bother to topstitch.

With the leftover fabric, I also made a bandanna for the hair by making a triangle and putting ties at the end, and a scarf to put on her shoulders. She liked the bandanna and wore it on the bed.

And here is the finished look – showing off the slit.

I’m pretty happy at how this turned out, and how in a small way Lia can have a link back to our roots. Till next Racial Harmony Day…